On historic Cherry Street in our hometown of Helena, Arkansas, sits an amazing store called Handworks. Laura Young, the owner, features a stunning collection of her favorite things. We have been lucky enough to be a favorite almost since the stores beginning. In the winter of 2015 we began working on an exclusive scent for the store. They had very specific wants, but at the same time, expressed for us to use our creativity – a floral scent that would be recognizable and unfamiliar at the same time, all the while being light, airy and drenched in mystery. There would be no main note protruding from the delicateness, leaving you…wondering. We went through some exotic blends trying to get notes to work together, but none were quite right. With the bulk of the year behind us and fall knocking on the door, the missing element dawned on us. A short while later we delivered sample number 49. It was named Purple Palooza! This uniquely captivating allure is only available at Handworks located at 227 Cherry Street here in Helena, Arkansas, and online at www.handworkshelena.com.

Working on an ongoing choral project, Patrick Kinmonth, the celebrated opera director and designer from London, commissioned us to create this mysterious fragrance in late 2015. He wanted the notes of a scent to match the ethereal, musical notes of the arrangements being reimagined. Along with Suzi Digby, the famous British choral conductor, they commissioned some of the world’s most exciting choral composers to write reflections on Renaissance masterpieces. The best names in the choral world would be performing them. These musical artists go by the name, ORA. Kinmonth’s idea was to have our candle given to everyone in attendance so that they could reflect on the evening each time the candle was lit. The event was to take place in the chapel at the Tower of London. We knew it would be difficult but we wanted so badly to be a part of this project.

After a few of months of testing we shipped 250 candles to London, with only a day to spare. This mysterious fragrance has notes of incense and parchment over undertones of rare metals and woods. Not only were the candles given to all in attendance, but as a part of the dramatic setting, they were also placed atop Lady Jane Grey’s tomb as a mysterious flickering backdrop. This memorable choral debut by ORA was a huge success and has since received amazing reviews! We were honored to be a part of this beautifully artistic work. Needless to say it was a great way to start off the new year!

The ORA candle is available only at select ORA performances. For more information about ORA visit their website at http://orasingers.co.uk

Early in 2015 the owner of Whiskey Wood contacted us wanting a candle that smelled like the charred stir sticks he was making. What the what, we thought. He went on to tell us about his company and said to expect wood samples in the mail. A short time later these charred beauties arrived. They are quite remarkable when used to stir your favorite whiskey or bourbon. The char on these sticks trick your senses into thinking your libation has been locked away years past its label. The smokiness excited many things even beyond whiskey. We welcomed the opportunity to be on this project. A charred wood-scented candle should be easy enough! We could never have been more wrong! Char is much trickier than we could have ever imagined.

This project took the better part of a year from conception. The end product is the most unique candle you will ever experience. Ruggedly Sophisticated is smoky and refined just like the drink in your hand! A must for the whiskey lover we all know!

Ruggedly Sophisticated is available through whiskeywood.com and their retail partners.

An amazing store in Cold Spring, New York, called Old Souls approached us with a special request in 2015. It seemed like such a beautiful childhood story that we knew we had to recreate it with an equally nostalgic scent. The owner sent us articles to read from the “Delaware Drummer”, which was printed over fifty years ago. This helped paint the picture of her Aunt Ellie’s antique store. It gave us goosebumps!

The owner had memories from childhood when she and her mother would often visit the store. There was always beautifully shined furniture that her Aunt Ellie kept dusted with Kotton Klenser. As you made your way into the store, a second familiar scent began to delight your senses – a cranberry-scented candle. We took many things into account with this project right down to the bright red lipstick Aunt Ellie loved to wear. The color for the candle was based from this image.

All five of the Edward’s sisters were deeply impressed that we captured this moment in time with Aunt Ellie’s Shop. We were tickled to death to help them with this walk down memory lane.

Aunt Ellie’s Shop is available at Old Souls, 63 Main Street in Cold Spring, New York.

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