Aunt Ellie’s Shop

An amazing store in Cold Spring, New York, called Old Souls approached us with a special request in 2015. It seemed like such a beautiful childhood story that we knew we had to recreate it with an equally nostalgic scent. The owner sent us articles to read from the “Delaware Drummer”, which was printed over fifty years ago. This helped paint the picture of her Aunt Ellie’s antique store. It gave us goosebumps!

The owner had memories from childhood when she and her mother would often visit the store. There was always beautifully shined furniture that her Aunt Ellie kept dusted with Kotton Klenser. As you made your way into the store, a second familiar scent began to delight your senses – a cranberry-scented candle. We took many things into account with this project right down to the bright red lipstick Aunt Ellie loved to wear. The color for the candle was based from this image.

All five of the Edward’s sisters were deeply impressed that we captured this moment in time with Aunt Ellie’s Shop. We were tickled to death to help them with this walk down memory lane.

Aunt Ellie’s Shop is available at Old Souls, 63 Main Street in Cold Spring, New York.

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