Peter James Glenn

In the summer of 2015 we commissioned Peter James Glenn to illustrate an advertisement for our wick trimming campaign. We believe whole-heartedly if you keep your wick trimmed, you will have a beautiful candle from start to finish. The scene we envisioned was a mason jar in a barber shop getting his wick trimmed as if getting a hair cut. We wanted a classic, vintage, Disney feel. By late August, we received the final draft and were blown away! The details were exact! 

We are honored to be available in some amazing stores in Japan, one of which is Far East and all of the Port of Call locations. The good folks working at these stores have an intense passion for surfing. We had been racking our brains trying to create some advertising specific to them. In March of 2016, like a ton of bricks, it hit us. “Waxy”, the mason jar, would be riding a wave with the Japanese sun setting in the background – his flame lit with the same intensity that our friends have when riding those giant Pacific waves. “Surf Japan” it would read! Peter James Glenn instantly came to mind. He, too, has a fondness for surf culture, so we knew it would be a perfect match! Pete jumped on board and came through with an epic image! Once again we were floored by the results.

We then reached out to him for “The Cabin.” In this scene Waxy is doing one of the things we love most. Rocking on the front porch, reading a good book. Jonathan Livingston Seagull seemed to be the perfect title for him to be reading. He is surrounded by his dogs, each representing our actual pups here at home. Inside the cabin you see another jar trimming its wick in a mirror. The details on this drawing are amazing! his love of woodgrain gives me goosebumps. He truly knocked this one out of the park. 

The holidays are a special time for us and we knew we wanted Pete to work on an illustration that embodied the season. Classic Norman Rockwell-esque vision came to mind and he was right on board. Waxy Claus comes to life in vibrant red amongst a black and white scene of early Americana holiday. This illustration will be sent out on holiday cards this season for its release and will pop up here shortly after for all to see. 

To find out more about Peter James Glenn, you can visit his website at:

Emily Thomas

Our first artistic endeavors were with Emily. She was commissioned to paint our logo on several pieces of driftwood. She did an amazing job on them. Soon after, we called on her for the release of The Gentleman. Our idea was candles sitting in a bar and at the door, in walks The Gentleman. Emily also drew the illustration for the release of Tomato Vine, a seasonal scent. The idea was a tomato on a high dive jumping down into a mason jar. For our next project we needed a graphic that incorporated our slogan – “Trim your Wicks not your Whiskers.” Emily’s funky chalk-work drawing was what came to mind from our love of her work in New Orleans. Emily came through with a great logo!

To find out more about Emily Thomas, you can visit her website at: